better decisions

Use decision matrix to structure your thought process

How you decide makes all the difference

The quality of your decision has direct impact towards the outcome. Use the power of Decision Matrix to guide you towards the best option.

Put it all in a matrix

Decision Matrix is a framework to evaluate several options across multiple criteria. It allows you to compare between different options to identify the best one.

  • Compare across multiple criteria

    Decision Matrix is the perfect tool to assess options across many criteria.

  • Use weights to vary importance

    Tweak the weightage of criteria to reflect the varying importance and focus.

  • Real-time updates on your matrix

    Every change made will be reflected in real-time across other copies of your matrix.

Matrices for everyone

Tap into the insights and power of the community with templates. Anyone can build and share their decision matrices with the world.

  • Templates for reuse

    Visit the templates directory for tons of pre-made templates to get started right away.

  • Share and collaborate with others

    Make your decision matrix publicly accessible and editable to collaborate with others.

  • Embed code for your matrix

    You can also share your decision matrix with others by embedding it anywhere you like.


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